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Hi Everyone,

I am currently writing a business plan for a chocolate shop I plan to open this coming April. I'm working on my marketing section and am having some trouble finding info on chocolate trends. I'm looking to find some good articles or sources of reliable info that can help me determine trends in the chocolate industry. I'm in Canada, so something related to the country - or even North America - would be really helpful.



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I am also working on my business plan and I am also opening in april. One of the trends I wrote about was the popularity of dark chocolate and how it benefits maybe healthy to people.

Dark is the way to go, but be forewarned that there is milk in most dark chocolate. so you need to decide to whom you wish to target as customers and then make a decision which chocolate(s) you will use in the business.

The Fancy Foods Show was just held in San Francisco and my sister sent me a little review. It noted that coconut is very big this year, along with spices in sweets. You might Google the show and find some articles that talk about what's hot now. Also, Chocolate News blog posts lots of articles (many of which appear to be straight from the press release) I think they're in England, but much of their postings are from North America.

Here are some websites that offer confectionary trends.


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