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I've been making molded chocolate by ladling it from the tempering machine into the molds -- messy and wasteful. I recently learned about chocolate funnels, and discovered two kinds.

- a simple metal (or really cheap plastic) cone with a tapered wooden dowel to plug the hole in the bottom and control the release of chocolate
- a more complex cone with a trigger-operated spring valve

The trigger funnel is less expensive, and looks handy, but is it a good idea? Anyone have any thoughts or recommendations?

Many thanks,

Kakao Chocoalte

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I have both of those funnels. The chocolate hardens up in them pretty quickly and makes them unusable. I think they are better for syrups. I think small tubs like pint deli containers are the best for filling molds. When they get too coated just use another and when the chocolate hardens on the disused one just break it off back into the temperer.
It seems the least wasteful.
I have been manufacturing Chocolate for the past 11 years.

When it comes to funnels, I have tested them all. I find that if you're filling molds, that while these funnels may seem handy, bear in mind that if the Funnel holds 3 pounds of chocolate + the weight of the funnel; ou will be experiencing hand and wrist fatigue, rather quickly.

I have found a Metered Depositing pump, while it is considerably more exspensive, it will give you the benefit of a metered dose of chocolate every time.
It has a range of 0.25 ounces to 6 ounces, in quarter ounce increments.
It is driven by way of electricity, and an air compressor.

This is by far the best solution to filling chocolate molds, I have also found that the Company where my Pump comes from also sells Vibrating tables, and a large aray of Professional Grade Chocolate Molds.

Their web-site address is:

Check them out if you have a chance.

If you're filling hard candy molds, then a funnel is an excellent way of keeping the hot syrup away from your precious hands.

Hope this helps
Unfortunately, the web site is down for construction at the moment. (June 16. 2009)

Shawn - do you have (or can you take) pictures of the depositor and give us a rough idea of what you paid for it?

:: Clay


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