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I recently purchased a Chocovision Revolution Delta (I've been working with a Chocovision X3210 for over a year now) and have used it twice so far. Both times, I've tempered milk chocolate and it has produced an unusual number of tiny bubbles by the time it's tempered. Any idea why this might be happening and what I might have to do to fix it? I've seen this very rarely (but I have seen it) on my X3210 but seems like the Delta is doing it everytime (ok - twice...).


Any thoughts on what I might be doing wrong?


Thanks much,



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How strange. Don't they use identical bowls, baffles, scrapers, etc?

I also have a Chocovision Delta and I find that after several times working with the same chocolate, it loses it's sheen when tempered and develops thousands of tiny bubbles. I'm not sure why this happens, I don't have this problem when hand tempering chocolate. 

My solution is to try and temper only what I need. If I have chocolate left over, for example if I tempered chocolate for dipping and there is excess in the bowl, I use it immediately to make ganache. This way I'm always tempering new chocolate for dipping and moulding. 

I'm not sure if this is the same problem, but perhaps my solution will help. 



Thanks for your responses. I have been using all new chocolate but that doesn't make a difference. Now it seems to be hit or miss but i think every time it tempers and continues to rotate after tempering even for 20-30 minutes, bubbles start forming. Not sure why.


Again, how strange. When I use my chocovision x3210, I like to let the chocolate run in it for a while before tempering as it gets most of the bubbles out. Not sure what could be causing your problem.

We had the same problem. Our chocolate looked like the Nestlé Aero bars. The people at Chocovision were great at trying to trouble shoot with us. We dealt with Ian and he is fantastic! Call them directly. Good luck.

Are you using a Holey Baffle? We don't have one yet but it seems like that could make more bubbles.

Larry - I'm using the regular baffle.

Here's a useless response, except maybe there is some consolation in knowing you are not alone. It happens to me, too. Not all the time and I cannot predict when it will happen. I have two Chocovision X3210 (one that is old and a newer one) and it happens in either. I use the regular baffle and this has happened with "new" chocolate out of the bag/box. It's happened with different brands (Callebaut, Felchlin, eGuittard, Valrhona).

In theory, one way this can happen is that as the chocolate flows from top to bottom (which happens at the end of the bowl opposite the plastic scraper end) the chocolate is pulling in a thin layer of air, which gets broken into bubbles when it is disrupted by the plastic scraper. Somehow, air is getting incorporated and gradually rising to the top, but I can't figure out how or why this only happens sometimes.

I've not contacted Chocovision, but maybe that's my next step.

I hope you find an answer.  Good luck


Check the temperature with another probe. It sounds like your batch is over tempered so check the accuracy of the baffle probe. If it happens, push the temperature of your chocolate up or add some melted untempered chocolate.


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