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Hi alll

Can anybody have experience with small scale conch machine say 20-40kg ? We got second hand one, but internal surfaces of the machine are coated with rust Inhibitor. is it normal ? how can we clean it? appreciate your advice.

Thanks in advance.

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Choco -

We need a lot more information about the type of conche you have. Pictures would be really helpful, too.

Hi Clay Gordon

When we approach supplier for cleaning internal surface as it contain full of rust inhibitor. there responds was as below. Your kind advice and judgment on below statement is highly appreciated.

"It is quite normal that the internal surfaces of the machine are coated with a suitable rust Inhibitor.  It is usual to run the machine full of vegetable oil for a number of days to ensure that all internal surfaces are cleaned up satisfactorily.   I am sure you will have no problem doing this prior to using it for any product."

Thanks in advance.

Hi Fahad,    you may can contact " varsha engineering company "  hydrabad .  They are the only one who manufacture' universal conche refiners' in India.  They may help you. Ther is ' Amprose"  in bangalore they are also rebuilding imported second hand machines.  Best of luck


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