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If you want to use the "Golden Standard" for label making, you can
refer to this:
and see how portrait artists put their "center of interest" at a
specific point.

Take the lid of your box. Measure it, and pretend it is your canvas.
Well, actually, it is. Divide the height of your lid by 2.62 and
determine a horizontal line through this point.

Then divide the width of your lid by 2.62 and draw a vertical line
through this point.

The intersection of these two lines is a magical spot for your center
of interest. (i.e.,if your lid was 8.5 x 11 inches, 8.5 divided by
2.62 = 3.2 and 11 divided by 2.62 = 4.2)

Once I have my center of interest, I then take the picture that I am
going to put there, and make sure that I have the area that I want
emphasized directly centered on that point! It works for lots of
things, and I think that it works for lids, box tops, when you want to
create a keepsake type of box your customer will love.

There are many ways to create the graphics for your products. This is
just one of them.

Here is a very cool tool to use on your graphics:

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