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I've seen some members here have some custom boxes either with name or design etched into their box. Right now my family uses custom ribbons on our boxes but the time consumption is pretty long, I think to create 100 boxes it takes us at least 1.5h which is a bit too much.

The question being where are these custom runs coming from? Nashville wraps & sugar craft do some, but not the caliber or type I am looking for. I don't think we can do a batch size over 500, but some I've seen here come from very small startups like our own so I doubt everyone is affording a deep gross amount.

Thoughts and referrals appreciated.


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I use the Glerup Revere group (866) 747-6871. They can do the small production and the quality is great and quite affordable. I am also a small start-up. The lead time is about 3 weeks for re-orders and about 5 weeks for the first order (includes set-up and artwork proof process). Good luck! ~Karen
hi karen- your labels and jars are also very lovely (for the sauce on the homepage) does glerup help you with that too? your web site is amazing! congrats-
Thanks! I use Glerup for the stock boxes and hot stamping. For the sauce jars and the chocolate bars, I designed and printed the labels out myself at FedEx Kinkos. I come from a graphic arts background, so I know how to work with the different art programs, printer variations, and type of paper to look for. Right now it is less demanding on my cash flow than having 1000s of labels printed at a label house. I do custom labels and artwork if you are interested. Just email me at Now if I could just find someone to take the pics for me. My website pics look pretty good, but it can take me days to get one usable shot. Anyone else have this problem?

You might enjoy this recent series on the NY Times on food photography:

We used a lot of the tips on there for the photos on our website

Thanks for the great tips on boxes. These all look beautiful!

Take care,
I am new, and hope I am doing this correctly. If 2 photos don't show up, I have a lot more to learn.
I use two local companies--Utah Paper Box and International Paper Box. They are both totally custom. They will do small runs, but the cost is very high. I decided to put my money into nice packaging, so it is worth it to me. I have at least a 2 years supply of boxes:-). They get you with setup charges. It doesn't take much to leave the press on for a few more minutes, so the price per piece drops dramatically.

Toffee box

Candy boxes with different labels.
Very nice thanks for sharing. I don't know why but when I read you have 2 years of boxes that got me a good giggle. That's about what it takes if you want to get what you want. We need to save a bit more but I'd love to get some nice candy boxes.
those are gorgeous!!! thanks for sharing :)
PS-how'd the opening go?
Very nice. Great use of fonts too.
Here is our packaging. We had the labels designed and printed in Pittsburgh. We eventually want to have the logo stamped on to the boxes.

Gorgeous boxes-it certainly looks like you got the quality you were looking for.
Beautiful boxes everyone! I have a question about adhesive for labels. I'm referring to the type of label that Sweet Morsel is using with wrap around paper (I'm assuming it's paper?? - and I'm assuming it needs to be fastened together once wrapped around the box??). I have tried many adhesives for my makeshift wrap, but haven't found one that I'm happy with. I'm thinking there is a simple solution that I just haven't heard of...

Hmmmm... I'm now thinking that those labels (Ruth's and Sweet Morsels) have adhesive backs on them...
We're also having trouble finding a surefire adhesive for the outer paper wrapper on our bars.  Any recommendations?


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