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I am currently using thermoform plastic molds for my chocolate bars. They are custom made and show the brand I am working on creating. I am learning that the polycarbonate molds are better for commercial chocolate but I will  need custom molds. Any suggestions on where I can get custom polycarbonate molds made? I know Tomric is an option but would like other suggestions as well.

Any information on cost of custom polycarbonate molds will also be helpful.

Thanks much in advance!


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Tomric is one place, but very pricey.

the thing is that policarbonate molds, are made ¨by inyection¨ and the die for the machine which inyect the material, is very expensive. 
I think you should try to thermoform in a more resistive material, in my country there is a plastic, called ¨alto impacto¨ and it can be thermoformed even like 3 or 4 mm thick. 
you can check their site

if you are interested I can explain some more about the manufacturing proceses of each type of mold.

"if you are interested I can explain some more about the manufacturing proceses of each type of mold."

@Dario, can you please explain further process, it would be great help

I´m not an expert, not even with chocolate or with the mold manufacturing process, but I can say what I think it´s right. Please if at some point I´m wrong don´t hesitate to correct me.

There are some procesess that include, ¨inyection¨of the material.. plastic, abs, high impact.. I gues silicone does too,  polycarbonate..

all those, are expensive because you need an inyection mold, that sometimes is made of alluminium, sometimes it´s made of special irons, and the manufacturing process of the mold itself cost a lot of money. maybe not that much if you live in china, but for instance here un Buenos Aires, a inyection mold for a standard polycarbonate mold for 15 6 gr. chocolates could cost 25.000 usd. 

so if you need a few custom chocolates, all inyection materials are forbiden.. 

then you have another manufacturing method with is thermoforming, or vacuum forming. this way you could even buy some plastic sheets, heat them up with a heat source you may have, and then use a vaccum cleaner as a vacuum source and wooden ¨chocolates¨ as thermoforming molds. 

I´m working on two examples of this, because I´m getting orders for custom chocolates and I have to solve it too. so I will and then I will send my experiencie with all the information on how I did it.

I´m making my chocolate model in solidworks, then I´m gonna 3d print it in ABS and use the ABS pieces as part of my thermoforming molds.

and I´m going to do the same and do the mold in resin. expoxi or poliester, I don´t know yet wich one is good for contact with food, but I know there are some. 

if someone has some more experience or is interested in sharing this one a little more please let me know. 

Chocolate World do a custom mold service, though its pricey.

You can have thermoformed made in polycarbonate; however, it is not going to be the same as an injection molded product.  I once talked to Micelli about getting a custom polycarbonate and the price was around $7,500.  It is a major design and mold making process.  However, if you are going to be doing large volume, long term production of a single type of bar or whatever, it is worth the money. 


I do know of a company named Hapco that sells a food grade epoxy that comes in different durometers.  Some of them are as hard as an injection molded polycarbonate.  It is a very nice product, but really should be pressure cast to be bubble free.  Other options are taking slabs of food grade plastic materials and machining the mold directly.  However, the machining would have to be very smooth or any imperfections will show up in the chocolate.

Please see my website:  that discusses custom molds in depth.





great, actually I was just about to do some tests with abs printing to later on make some molds with ¨poliester resin¨. and another option was to machine APM or nylon or whatever material even was thinking on testing aluminum.. I actually have a 3 axis cnc machine.. I just want to avoid the pain of making fail tests :D

I´m opening your website now.. thanks a lot for your reply!


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