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We've had a few requests of late that have been looking for their own designs both in small shapes and bar ideas.  I've run across a few sites that do custom work but I like suggestions.

Who are you using for custom mold making, and any caveats to look out for?

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I've used Tomric for some 30g logo bars, pretty quick turnaround. Not cheap but pretty decent vacuum-formed polycarbonate. $595 for the initial setup and $18.25 each 16-cavity mold.

I've also dealt with Moldes Intermex when I need cheap plastic molds. $79 for the first one and $1.80 each additional mold.
Thanks Cheebs, we love using Tomric--good to know their costs for custom, we hadn't traveled that far with them yet. The other company has a good price point but it'll take me some translating time. also does custom molds. They are cheaper than Tomric and the sight is in English.


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