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I'm looking for a company that could make custom moulds for chocolates, both relief and three dimensional.  I'm sure there are some out there somewhere but I cannot locate them.  I need salmon (which looks nothing like a bass), deer, bears (black, brown, and polar - definitely NOT teddies).  I would love to get some larger hollow moulds, but almost anything would be good for starters.  TIA. 

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tomric packaging in buffalo can make them for you...

Definitely check out tomric. I know for sure they have a large 3-d polar bear mold

Ask them to send you a catalog, you won't regret it! The customer service there rocks too!

 If you can't find all of what your looking for you can also check out They have food grade mold making supplies and great instructions.

Hope this helps!


Thanks for the link. It is however. has great products to make your own molds as well. Check our youtube for videos on how to do it as well.

Thanks for correcting that! I should have checked that before posting.


Hi Shelley,


Where are the videos on mold making? Are you with Make Your Own Molds or Chef Rubber? I couldn't find any videos for the latter.




Not with anyone, a chocolatier myself. The videos are on youtube, just search for custom chocolate molds or soap mold making etc. They are essentially the same with the only difference being the use of food grade materials.
Thanks everyone!  I'll be checking out all three places. 


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