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I shopping around for prices on custom printed candy boxes. (for illustrious business plan). i was referred to mod pack, but the sample I got was really cheap, not really the branding quality I'm looking for. Any suggestions on reasonably priced quality packaging that can be hot stamped with logo? Would also like to find one that starts at moderate quantities.

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Hey Jennifer,

Try checking out  They sell small boxes, plastic inserts, and offer custom printed labels.  I bought 2oz plastic inserts from them and was really happy with their customer service.  As for pricing, I can't really comment because I couldn't find those exact plastic inserts anywhere else.

I've been using NW Carton for my custom printed boxes and point-of-purchase displays.  They were one of the only packaging companies that could accommodate the small scale that I started out with.  They use digital and offset printing.  Gauging from your post, I don't think this is the route you wanted though.

Hope this helps.  Feel free to message with me any questions.  I spent the last year or so of my life living in the world of packaging design.


Try GlerupRevere. I'm just starting out and have been checking out packaging. So far, I will probably be ordering most of my packaging thru them. They are great about sending samples, they also offer hot stamping.
Thank you so much this is looking like what I'm needing.

Does anyone have experience ordering custom packaging from China that that they would like to share? We can take the conversation to private email if you like.



I broker print and packaging for a living and so I'm always on the lookout for new suppliers. On a recent project I was hired to manage, I discovered a few new sources that may be worth looking into. A Specialty Box/Professional Image (excellent service) and Bennett Packaging (shorter run)....I worked on a box for a Chocolatier client a few years ago and through that job, I was introduced to Rizzo Packaging (they work hard).

1000 units is often the shortest run anyone will do because in the print world, it's really only the number 1. Anything less than 1 costs about the same as 1 but not in EVERY case. The key to getting what you want is to know enough about what you're doing to communicate effectively with potential suppliers.

I'd start with A Specialty Box....they provided the winning combination of quality, production time and price on fairly sophisticated straw and cutlery boxes with windows and they have a die catalog that is over 200 pages long so they must have something for you. Rizzo would be next.

If you need any help, let me know.


thanks so much. I will look into all of your info.

I really appreciate it.


Try Bob Johnson at:

His boxes are very high quality, and they are folding boxes.

He also is the only supplier making a chocolate box that fits directly into a US Postal Small Flat Rate Mailing box without any added packing needed. It is a nice depth for many items plus he is currently developing a whole range of trays to fit inside that box as well. Also, for those of you who are shipping-savvy, six of those will fit into a USPS Small Region A box as well, which in your zone is sending 6 lbs of chocolates to someone for about $5.50 or less if you order postage online. It sure beats UPS and FEDEX residential delivery.

The reason I know so much about the shipping program  with these boxes is that I created the concept after frustration with shipping rates and cost.

If you want a so-called "set-up" or rigid box, then the costs are much higher. Try

Good luck

Thanks very much, I'll check them out.

Does anyone know how to go about getting box/inserts similar to this? They're stunning.

Wildcat Wholesale does custom printing on boxes; as low as a 50 box minimum (+ a one-time $100 art preparation fee); I use their line of Jewelry Boxes with a custom insert.

Does anybody have a suggestion on where to find two piece boxes bigger than 1 pound?  Im looking to add a 36 or 48 piece and cant find any boxes big enough.  (other than his one which if the only one I can find

Try ModPac. They have up to 5 lb. candy boxes.


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