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Hello All.  I've been trying to make my own jellies for 2 years with no luck - the pectin formula that I used would never hold the shape.  I just purchased Pectin from Burke Candy and it looks like it's working fine - finally!  My next challenge will be to cut and enrobe them (enrobing by hand).  Will a guitar cut jellies without sticking?  Also, if I bottom the jelly slab will there be any problems cutting with a guitar?  Will bottoming the slab make hand dipping possible?  Thanks for the help.  John

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In my experience with jellies and caramels, bottoming is definitely possible and helpful as a smooth surface for dipping. Un-tempered chocolate is best, as it cuts more easily (tempered chocolate will fracture). If you don't lay too thick a coat of chocolate, the guitar will cut it just fine (and it will help keep the jelly from being driven down into the slots in the guitar and making the whole mass harder to scrape up). You can apply the chocolate with a pastry brush or an offset spatula. I vibrate/smack my pans after coating to get the chocolate to level out as much as possible for a smooth surface to make release after dipping easier.

Good luck with the jellies!

Thanks Dale.  I usually use tempered chocolate for bottoms but what you suggest makes sense.  I'll give it a shot and thanks for the help.  John


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