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I'm looking for three-pronged dipping forks for truffles, metal with plastic or wooden handles.

I can only find them in sets like this,, but I only need some of the three-pronged, not the whole set.

Any ideas? Thanks.


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I found a single three-pronged fork at a local cake decorating shop. There are quite a few in the St. Louis area -- you might want to call around. Good luck!

Chef Rubber has a good selection.
Chef Rubber doesn't sell (at least it's not on their site) individual dipping forks. You can get one three-tined fork in a set of three for $12.00

You can, however, buy individual dipping forks from Kerekes for $2.50 each.

There's an even better deal over at Pfeil and Holing's web site - forks (2-, 3-, or 4-tined) are just $1.75. There is no set of 3, just a set of 10 - for $12.00.
Thanks, Jennifer, Ruth and Clay. All good options that I haven't seen before. Perfect!
Tomric sells individual forks as well.


Hi Brian,

One thing you might need to consider is the size of forks. Ones from Kerekes are bigger than others (what we currently use). I'll order 3 pronged ones from Pfeil and Holing's web site soon and post how it works.
By the way, thank you for the website, Clay!

Chef Rubber shows individual forks on this page. It is $18.
Ruth - good catch. I just searched and this did not come up in the results.

However, $18 for one fork is a tad high, don't you think? Any reason you can think of to prefer this one over the one from Pfeil and Holing for $1.75? Not that I have anything against doing business with Paul (Chef Rubber), but the price seems a tad out of whack.
When I did a course with JP Wybauw last year he mentioned that he is working with to develop a 'proper' dipping fork. He said the shapes of the existing ones are all wrong... the triangle on the tips of the fork should be inverted so that they are large side towards the handle going to smaller toward the tip. I emailed DR but didn't get a response. I should follow it up - they're usually very good at responding. They must have missed that one.
No reason that I can think of:-) I did buy a cheaper set of about 8 forks that I managed to break-I guess I shouldn't have tried to bend it. I luckily had access to a welder and was able to weld the tines back the way I wanted them, so it all worked out.
I prefer the wooden handled set
Much pricier, but much studier.
Thanks for posting this question. I was just lamenting the demise of my beloved three pronger and, likewise, was unable to locate a suitable replacement without purchasing a complete set.

I may note for the group, however, that Pheil and Holing have a $7.50 service charge for orders less than $50.

I personally welcome any improvements to the design of the fork that would make bonbons stay on better with less excess chocolate clinging to the tines, yet allow the piece to magically slide off onto the tray with no visible foot. But unfortunately I think that piece of equipment is called technique.
Also, P&H just notified me that they are out of stock on the cheap dipping forks, and expect to have them again in 4-6 weeks. Bah...


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