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My case is 15 yr. old Federal. It was working OK(I have some noise issues) and today I am noticing my chocolate is a bit tacky. Not melted tacky but a rough and slightly sweaty/sticky feel to it. I called Federal and they told me to up the humidity and lower the temp...Would love any other thoughts/experiences? Also am trying to find out if my chocolate will recover or if I should nix it. 

Also, the Federal guy said I should not keep my Truffles in a case that is set between 60-70 do you handle mixed cases(truffles and regular chocolate items.)



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Hi, I don't understand American measurements in temperature, but just wanted to comment on the advice you received from Federal.  Humidity is as much a killer of chocolate as temperature, so to say to turn the humidity up seems like a very bad idea - you are just adding more moisture into the air.

It sounds like your chocolate may have been exposed to moisture given your description - so perhaps it got a touch too warm and a little too humid.

All the best

Hi Stu,

That's why I seemed counter-intuitive to turn up the humidity when it seemed this was the issue I was having but the gentleman at Federal insisted this was the fix. His reasoning being that if I turned up the humidity the heater that runs the humidity would run a shorter amount of time. To be honest it sounded like he was reading out a manual and didn't really know what I should be doing. I could be way off base and don't want to disparage him if he was giving me the correct advice. 

I was also hoping to get "chocolate" thanks. Open to any other suggestions as well.

Dear Jody,

It does sound like you are having problems with humidity in your cabinet. I have a similar case, and although it has a dial to control humidity, and a tray to drain off the water, it really isn't effective as a dehumidifier. I find that I need to remove various items (especially pieces with fine salt, powdered sugar, or other particularly hygroscopic particulates) overnight to a humidity and  temperature controlled environment to keep them from absorbing moisture. I have tried adding a small dehumidifier to my display case (in the lower compartment) without much obvious success. Best wishes!

You are having humidity issues in your case.

First of all, is your case a gravity coil or forced air?. 

Gravity coil is where you have a metal  "box" hanging directly underneath the ceiling of your case.  Worst thing for chocolate.  Forced air is where the coil is underneath the bottom, and a fan blows cool air through vents up.

Refrigeration is kind of a two part system, but it doesn't "make" things cold, it removes heat.  You have a compressor which compresses a gas (in a 15 yr old case it would r-12).  This gas is pumped in a line to the second part, called the coil or an evaporator.  Here the gas expands, and as it expands it absorbs heat, is pumped back to the compressor, where it expels the heat as it is re-compressed.

Humidity is another issue.  Where ever you have two temperature extremes, you will have humidity--just like when you take a jug of milk out of the fridge and let it sit on the counter for a few minutes, the outside of the jug will "Sweat".

If none of this is making any sense at all, I had a similar problem in the summer.  My case runs at 17-20 C (somewhere around 70, I guess), but when I came in one morning, my chocolates were all sticky and developed sugar bloom.  Someone hadn't shut the sliding doors tightly enough, and warm air leaked in.  Warm air + cold air= humidity.

So I guess the first thing would be  to look for air leaks or excessive opening of the case.

The second thing would be to get rid of of a gravity coil case.  It's fine for deli stuff, but not for tempermental chocolates.  Most newer cases are forced air.

I hope I am making sense.....


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