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Starting to do some price work on equipment and I haven't found any good recommendations for what style and manuf. of display cases best work for chocolates. I'll be scouring the local restaurant supply stores and if I have a few makes/models for them to keep an eye out for all the better.

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Be sure to also keep an eye on classified ads for used equipment and auctions, a great source for used equipment.
Most definitely. I already enjoy some item's I've helped others get rid of. :D
Have you found your display cases yet? I am interested in this information as well. I was at the NRA and none of the vendors have display cases specifically made for high end chocolates---humidity/temperature controlled. Does anyone else have any info on this?
I've got my eye on Federal Display Cases. They make a chocolate/confection one that you have some greater control over. You can get them for about 30-40% off from Big Tray.

Maybe others.. If you find anything keep feeding it back. :D
I'll let you know if i find anything. What temp/humidity would you keep your display case at?
Hi Andy,
We're currently looking for cases and we've had recommendations for Alternative Air ( and East Coast Cabinets, Inc. I think they're both in NJ. The price for an Alternative Air case is about 1/3 that of Federal Display Cases. We're going to look into them. Will let you know what we find out.
I have 3 cases from AA and they have been wonderful.Had them shipped all the way to Hawaii from NJ with no problems. The product looks good,(I have the curved glass) easy to clean or adjust shelving, and they have additional cool storage below.
Have casters put on your case so you can move it around , one set that locks.
They are coming out with a smaller, tabletop confection case at the end of the year.
Very cool Melanie, thanks for the headsup.

Hi Melanie,


Do you know if AA (or any other supplier) has come out with a tabletop confection case yet? I checked AA's site and didn't see one but thought you might have the inside scoop.





I found some nice display cases for sale at, although they are a little more expensive they do seem to be a good price for something more high end.


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