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I would like to display my products in the store window to bring in customers. Obviously I can not use standard chocolate, it would be a puddle of melted chocolate in no time.

I would like to make the chocolates represent what I actually sell in the store so need to use a substitute that will not ruin my moulds. If anyone has succeeded in finding and using a good product that remains intact for a reasonable length of time, especially in a sunny location, and of course doesn't affect the moulds, I would appreciate the advice.

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Hi, my name is Aldona and I just graduated from chocolatier classes. I read somewhere that someone had the same problem so they made "display chocolates" out of Fimo or polymer clay. They said it took awhile to make them but it was worth it. You can make them look like your finished product plus you could make a cross-section sample so the customers can see the inside of the confection ( my Tuxedo has a black center enrobed in white chocolate and my B Girl has a pale blue center enrobed in white chocolate ). I haven't tried it yet ( I live in a high desert climate ) but I think it would be well worth the investment in time. The clay isn't expensive and maybe you find someone to make them for you ( maybe an artist or art student) .

For farmers markets during the summer we used to make clay core truffles. Using a dark brown modeling clay available at your hobby store we created the right size spheres and then would coat them in a coating chocolate, decorate them like normal and then spray with a lacquer.  In 90+' heat they would last a few months of travel too and from before they started to show a weakening.  If you weren't moving them they might last longer.

The only other way we looked into it was to have plastic ones made and that wasn't a cheap option.

I am working on the same scenario right now for display chocolates at the Farmer's Market. We are using PC Marine Epoxy Putty (available at local hardware stores). We spray Pam into the mold before filling with the putty. Let it dry in the freezer. Unmold and spray with a high gloss brown spray paint - looks pretty close. We haven't gotten to the more intricate chocolates yet, but this seems to work for some of the basic designs. Hope this helps!


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