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Firstly just to introduce myself I'm Rowan and I've just started a really small chocolate company in London, this forum looks excellent, it's really good to talk to so many people who are doing the same thing. So far everything has been going really well, we've had some problems with kitchens etc but everything generally seems to be falling into place.

My main question right now is about tempering. I know everyone talks about it a lot but I can't seem to find the information I'm looking for. We're currently using a chocovision machine to temper all our chocolate and it's working fine but we find ourselves needing to temper more chocolate so I've been researching and found out about the 'drip feeding' method. From what I can gather you temper some chocolate and then you can remove some of the tempered chocolate and add the same amount of untempered melted chocolate and overall the chocolate in the machine remains tempered?? This seems perfect for us to increase our output a little! I was wondering though how much chocolate can you remove and add to the machine in one go for it to remain tempered - say 20%? Also after adding the untempered chocolate do you have to wait for the crystals to form, if so how long will that take?

Any help would be fantastic :)


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Hi Rowan,
I've been waiting for someone with more direct tempering experience to reply to this - but no-one has. I make bars (small company in the North of the UK, bean-to-bar) and I can keep temper if I replace what I have just used in a bar mould with melted chocolate at the same temperature (from a holding tank). So, if I pour 3 x 100g into a bar mould, which is about 3 full ladles, then I can replace that amount of chocolate. Keep it stirring all the time and wait for 5 minutes. Experiment!
Good luck,
What happens if you replace the tempered chocolate with chocolate that is slightly cooler or slightly warmer? Can you just wait 5 minutes or so and then proceede?
If you replace with cooler chocolate it brings the over temperature down. If you replace with warmer chocolate the temperature will go up. This gives you a lot of flexibility so say your chocolate has been spinning in the machine for a while. It to cools down from contact with the cooler air and is thicker than you would like. Add some chocolate that has a higher temp to bring the overall temperature and consistency back up to a workable state. As long as you do not replace more than 1/4 of the chocolate or bring the overall temperature to high the proper crystal structure will remain intact.
THANKS -- VERY LOGICAL. The info about how much to replace at a time is very useful.
I wish I new , I just made my second batch and hat to temper without a tempering machine. I found that the chocolate reached 120 degrees in the stone grinder. So I ladled some out onto a marble slab and worked it till it formed a mass and then put it back in the grinder, I did this three times and then molded it .I will un mold today and see what happens . I will also be watching for your comments as I would like to have my own business some day.
What model chocovision machine are you using ?? If it is a 10 pound machine the drip method will work. It will not work with the smaller machines because you have too small melted chocolate mass. You will need a way of keeping your untempered chocolate at a exact or it will not work.

I use a melter or another tempering machine.

Let me know what you have and I will help you.

I thought I'd take advantage of your advice too. I have a Rev2. Thanks!


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