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OK, so "epic" might be exaggerating but after 2 days during a heatwave without AC in my shop(fixed now)...

My issue: 

I have been using a crockpot to melt chocolate for my smaller machine. It was working great for months but in the past week I have burnt two batches of chocolate(through my own carelessness) and need a better solution. do you best melt your chocolate? I am on a TIGHT miniscule budget. I don't have a stove so the double broiler method is tedious on my tiny hot plate and I don't love the idea of using the microwave. Would a crockpot w/ temperature control(as opposed to my current warm, hot, low) work? Any other affordable options without spending $3-400 on a melter? I am trying to hold off on getting a melter as I'd ultimately like to upgrade to a larger or second machine in the next few months. 


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Most newer crock pots have too high a temperature for chocolate. The quickest way is to carefully use the microwave. Use a flexible plastic bowl, and either use short burst on high, or longer periods on lower settings. You can melt and temper 5# of chocolate in about 10 minutes. There is a bit of a learning curve as each oven is different. You can use glass or even stainless steel, but I prefer plastic as there isn't much carryover heat.

We tried crock pots and moved on after burning a batch. A lamp dimmer cord helped reduce the power the crock was getting. You may also try putting some folded aluminum foil or an empty tuna can under the crock to add distance between the heating element and the crock. However the microwave is great. Good luck!

I've used this counter-top food warmer as a melter for a year or so now:

I just set it to the lowest setting, check it occasionally and have never had a problem. If you wanted something you could just set and forget, you could plug it into a temperature controlled switch to turn it off at a certain temp.

Thanks all! many pounds of melted chocolate does that hold?

I use 4" deep hotel pans, which can probably hold about 30 lbs or so. The warmer can take larger pans, too--definitely 6" deep, but possibly also 8".


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