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Fellow Chocolatiers,

I have been a casual member of the Chocolate Life for several years and am grateful of all the contributions of our colleagues.  I haven't seen this topic discussed before, so thought it might be useful to some. 

I am in the process of starting an artisan chocolate business later this year and ramping up my equipment purchases.  My product will be molded confections only.  As such, filling and emptying molds is a critical task, but one that has proven hard on my elbows, shoulders and neck.

I decided to get a Savage vibrating table and just started to experiment with it to not just get rid of bubbles but also empty out the molds.  I show the process below along with the few inexpensive added components that are needed.  They include a full sheet pan, a silicone mat and a full size cooling rack.

I discovered that this speeds up molding enormously, to just over one minute per mold or about 2.5 times faster than when I was tapping the molds with a rubber mallet.  The table is large enough for 4 large molds or 6 smaller molds.  I process them in succession.  Fill all, empty first, flip over, empty second, flip over, etc...

If anything the molds seem to crystallize faster and the layer of chocolate is very even.

Hope this helps some of you, and best. Catherine

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