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Now that I have my formulations all worked out, and have begun finalizing the package design for my bars, I've come across a real scarcity of high-quality, precut foil squares. All the different samples I've purchased from sources like Sugarcraft and others are just too thin and definitely not luxurious enough.

Anyone have sources that don't demand you purchase a thousand kilos of packaging at a time, of excellent quality (gold) foil squares? Failing that, rolls?

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Interesting problem cheebs. I can't suggest any suppliers (you are in the US I assume), but will ask another question: if you found foil stock on a roll, how would you cut it? I have made a cutting board in the past with a serrated metal edge that does an ok job, but it's still not ideal as it sometimes results in torn corners. It is also a slow process hand cutting many wrappers. I would be really interested to know if anyone can suggest a solution.
Amano have about the thickest luxurious gold foil I have seen on any bar, give Art and email I am sure he would be happy to tell you who he uses, I don't see what anyone would gain from keeping their foil supplier a secret.
Langdon, I'm in Guatemala but most of my packaging supplies I get from the US...
Until I bought precut squares I was using a paper cutter to cut foil from sheets. It works great and if I needed to use roll foil I'm sure an adaptation of sorts can be made between the paper cutter and the roll dispenser.

Tom, thanks for the suggestion, I will most certainly email Art at Amano.
Thanks cheebs. Could you describe your paper cutter for me? There are a bunch of styles of such things around so I just want to be sure that we are on the same wavelength. Could you perhaps post a photo?
I buy some nice inexpensive foil wrappers from Revere Group, at They come in a variety of sizes, already cut.

In turn, I'm looking for the best way to put a paper wrapper around the gold foil, and I'm not even sure where to start. Anyone have any pointers?
Brian, thanks for that link, I'll give them a try. As far as the paper wrapper goes, I do it all by hand and then use stick glue to seal them. I've begun experimenting with boxes instead of paper wrappers, it really does look great.

Langdon, here's a pic of my paper cutter.

I'd love to know what you use as a source for your boxes. My bars are 3.5 oz bars measuring 3" x 6" and I have not been able to locate an online source for boxes that I can purchase in quantities of less than mega tons.
Try The Revere Group- they have all sizes of foils for wrapping chocolate in all colors and sizes. From Italy.
They are very good.
I use the Revere Group for their foil too. Find them at Great company but they only carry paper-backed foil in gold. Anyone know of where I can get a different color for my bars? Better yet, does anyone know if you could get custom printed paper-back foil?
On this page, select the color from the pop-up to the right of the picture.

If you're interested in custom, contact them directly and ask. They do just about everything. They're not the cheapest supplier, but they do good work from what I have been told.
Hi. If you are still looking, these guys offer various thicknesses, and are slightly less expensive than some of the others listed. Also, very nice people (which is important to me) and they ship very fast.
hey you guys, i was curious when i started following your links for foil resources, and noticed different sizes. (duh- obviously!) but how do you know what size of foil you need? i can't remember the measurements, (i could go check) but i picked up just one bar mold from tomric, its like a hershey bar, only holds 3 oz chocolate...but i might look into square bars instead of rectangle...who knows...anyway, how do you determine what size of foil or paper you need? has anyone ever tried just a nice paper? would that work?


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