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Now that I have my formulations all worked out, and have begun finalizing the package design for my bars, I've come across a real scarcity of high-quality, precut foil squares. All the different samples I've purchased from sources like Sugarcraft and others are just too thin and definitely not luxurious enough.

Anyone have sources that don't demand you purchase a thousand kilos of packaging at a time, of excellent quality (gold) foil squares? Failing that, rolls?

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First time poster here

I'm in this same bind at the moment! I'm having an impossible time finding paper backed foil in copper, as opposed to the usual silver or gold. I've been using the cooper ones from glerup, but they tear easily. I'll be calling alufoil on Monday to see what they can do.

What printers have folks found that can do either food grade paper wrappers or have used for outer wrappers over foil? I'm getting sick of printing mine at home.

erika: to figure out what size foil you need, just wrap a piece of paper around one of your bars and measure what works well.
For those of you looking for Candy Foil Sheets, you will find a large selection of colors at or, Each set of wrappers come in units of 100 sheets starting as low as $1.99.

Our Candy Foils and Candy Bar Foil Sheets are made in the USA and meet all FDA and USDA requirements for food contact. Any questions, please send your email to
Hi all,

Our 6" x 7.5" inch Candy Bar Foils are a heavy weight with #30 paper backing to make it easier to wrap your bars and made in the USA. They are available in units of 100 sheets in your choice of many beautiful colors at or see you there.

hi there, I also experienced a lack of sources, but I did find   Alufoil Products co.  in New york and they have a variety of colors, will custom cut any size and they are cheaper than all the rest.  they offer paper backed as well and not.  

I am looking for the next level of wrappers that are patterned and much thicker to wrap shapes. I would love help finding some sources, if any one has a lead?   


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