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I am having difficulties finding adequate storage for 1500kg of beans.

I just found some moth in the beans so they are getting treated, but I need to find somewhere cool and dry to store them long term. A dedicated cool room would be ideal but before I spend the big money I just want to know if freezing them is and option, this way I can rent space in a frozen coolstore which would be much better at the moment. Unfortunately I cannot find adequate space to just keep them cool, dry and odor free.

I am thinking of double bagging the sacks to protect from moisture, then freezing on pallets. When I need a sack of beans I will bring them out, allow them to warm to ambient temperature , then open the bag in a humidity controlled room.

Will this work?


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I don't have any thoughts on whether your storage idea would work, but I am curious to know how you treated the beans?

While my quantities are much lower, hobbyist only at this point, I have had issues with some moths and recently started vacuum sealing beans for storage to see if that will help. My thinking is that vacuum sealing will work by depriving the bugs of oxygen the same way that treating them with Dry Ice does.

I have left the treatment in the hands of the agency that imported them for me. There are several options but I think they use Phosphine. 

If you are interested in non-fumgant solutions you may find this post from Chocolate Alchemy interesting...


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