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Hello, Does any one work with Gami Machines? Any suggestions on buying one? Is there service readily available in NY? Thanks 


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I have had a Gami now for about 3 months.  I love how it performs.  I get perfectly tempered chocolate continuously.  I have no experience with other brands.  I know a lot brag about Selmi, but there is a difference in price and I'm not sure why.  I also bought the enrober unit and it is fantastic.  Easy to clean, work, etc.  My only little complaint about the Gami is the shortness of the spout coming out of the machine.  If they could have made it a tad longer, then the excess chocolate that drips out once you remove the extended spouts, would drip back in the bowl and not on the edge and run everywhere.  I flew the tech from Pro Bake to my shop to do some initial work and he told me there was very little that had to be fixed by Pro Bake and anyone with a little knowledge of motors and electrical things would have no trouble.  Plus they can buy any needed parts from Pro Bake. 

Hi David,

What model do you have?

Is it still performing well?



I have a T-400.  It is just great.  I bought it used, but purchased the enrober new from Gami.  Once you get the hang of the process, it is very easy, great clean-up on the enrober and the tempering is perfect.  It had a freon leak when I purchased (previous owner just kept filling it), but all it took was a $35 coupling valve. 

How easy is to change colours?



I only change from milk to dark.  I have small melter for white since I don't do that much white.  I just drain all the chocolate using the normal auger/pump coming out of the pipe into a large warming pan I keep on low.  Then add whatever color I'm using.  Then do the same and pour the original chocolate back in.  Waste a little by transferring pans, but no need for washing with cocoa butter, etc.  What little is left in the auger, just mixes in with the new chocolate.

Yes, Pro Bake is the US distributor.  330-425-4427  I don't know if they have more than one salesperson for chocolate equipment (they sell a lot of bakery items), but Jeff is the person I deal with. 


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