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Starting out on a new venture after a successful experiment in the hotel I work as a chef, and lots of happy guests! I am moving towards selling my chocolates to other retailers and so far most things are going well.

Now I'm in the tricky stage of trying to get the first batch made. Ive been experimenting and making a few recipes based on the different couvertures we had at the hotel but I would love to find a place (in the uk) that has samples they could send in smaller quantities than the usual 1 or 2kg bags, and a wide selection to experiment with.

I'm also trying to find the best solution for moulds. I'm looking for a small (70g) slab mould but I haven't seen any the right size. Iv have been looking at custom moulds but the manufacturing costs for polycarbonate don't seem worthwhile for a batch of a couple of hundred or so. Will the cheaper vacuum formed moulds stand up to repeated use (as a temporary solution) or is there another solution I'm overlooking?

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SImon, I think vacuum moulds will scratch and not give a satisfactory result pretty quickly. Maybe get a couple to trial things and then look at upgrading?

Duffy, Red Star

A thicker gauge polycarbonate vacuum formed might be an alternative.  They tend to hold up well and give good results (similar to injection moulds) depending on the design.



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