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What is it you really want to do for people? What is the product? What is the thing that you are really trying to do here?

If it is really a self-serving thing, you are just trying to make money, you won't really be able to answer those questions. If you shrug your shoulders and say, "I don't care, chocolate is hot right now, and look at what XXXX did! I want to make money like they did, too!".

That is not going to resonate with people, because people want to be served. They want to feel like what you're doing for them is for their good. If they sense that what you're doing for them is just because you want to make a buck, and you're just trying to figure out a way to do it, that comes through. Whether you articulate it or not that is going to come through. But if you are genuine and they sense that you have a value proposition that helps them, then they are going to respond to that.

My favorite show is Everybody Love's Raymond. The mother-in-law, Marie Barone, completely understands what I am saying about "Got Love?", cause when she speaks of her food and why it's so good, it's always, "the love." It's the love in the food that makes it so delicious.

So what about you and the reason behind your start-up? Have you found a "love" with a certain aspect of this business? Do you know what you love to do and who you love to serve? I think our success hinges on our knowing the answers to these critical questions.

My greatest love at the moment is found in making unique molds to cast chocolate in, with designer boxes to match them. I love it! I have always done that without pay and for the love of art and design, and the satisfaction of having a unique product to give. I won't toss my product into just "any old box" and slap a label on it hoping that someone will buy it.

I love the way the ingredients look as I stir this part of a recipe...the way the sugar bubbles and froths, the smell of the cooking ingredients...I actually look at it and admire it! I take the time needed to create something that my customer will love, and use the best ingredients that I can find! I don't use poor substitutes; I respect my customer and what they want. And, I love what I create, chocolate or confections.

My mother was French and always advised her daughters that love started in the kitchen, and your family would know it! I also think our customers know it, too!

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I want to make money and LOTS of it to help pay for my daughter's college education...she wants to study medicine so that she can cure people like my little sister who just died from breast cancer at the age of 38.

Totally Organic Brownies are selling like crazy around here because people know that all of our ingredients are 100% totally organic, eggs and butter created locally ~ real delicious organic cocoa and chips ~ yummy.
Hi Diane!

Is that your company, Totally Organic Brownies? I think that this is a great mission, to provide good, quality food for people, because you want them to have a choice, and to prevent disease. Because you care about them. And, you are motivated by your compassion, knowing what it is like to have a family member taken from you. I commend you and hope you do make TONS of money...I hope that your customers can see and feel your heart. You sound like a true winner!


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