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If anyone uses a Crankenstein cocoa mill, could you share your thoughts about how well it works?  Also, what are you using to winnow?  Are there any relatively inexpensive winnowers that work well?  I'm not handy at all (nor is my husband) so I don't think making one is an option unless it's really easy.


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Hi Beth. There's a lot of discussion about the Crankandstein on this forum that you can search for. I'd recommend doing so, but the general consensus is that the Crankandstein is pretty good for cracking beans, but does have some issues with over-cracking.

There aren't many inexpensive winnowers to purchase. The only one that I know of is the Sylph from Chocolate Alchemy. 

I am using my champion juicer to crack my beans and I have made a winnower for 70 $ from lowes I would be happy to send you a picture and explane how it works it was easy to make and about 95% effective

Thanks for both of your replies.  I'd be happy if you could send me a picture and explanation of your winnower, Milford.

If you're willing to build one, there are a couple good designs with plans available online. Clay posted a zig-zag winnower here on the Chocolate Life:

Also, John Nanci at Chocolate Alchemy has plans for his Aether and Sprite winnowers. This is what I use. This thread on the CA forum has links to the design and a lot of discussion of it:

Thanks, Ben.  I'll take a look at the designs, but I'm really not handy, so I'm afraid I'll just waste time and money by attempting to make my own.  Perhaps I'll surprise myself though. :-)

Hi Milford, I would love the pic and explanation of how you created your winnower please. 

Hi Milford,

Can you tell me what attachments you use on your juicer?  Please send photos of the winnower.  Thanks!

Hi Milford,
I am studying various cracking and winnower designs and would love to see pictures of your winnower.

... and my email is: jessen @ :)

Hi Milford,

Interested in your winnower idea. Can you please send pictures/explanation to



Hi Milford,

Please send me Pics and your kind explanation to:



Hi Milford - I would also like info on your winnower. Please send it to Think you!


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