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Hi everyone!  I am looking into buying either a smaller tempering machine like the TF20 or TF10 Chocolate Tempering Machine or a chocolate melter and tempering myself.  I have been looking into buying a chocolate melter from Mol d'Art and came across the TF10 and TF20 on this site However, I haven't ever heard of them and can't find any online reviews.  So, I was hoping that someone can help me out and let me know what they would recommend.




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I've never heard of these before and it looks like it's not automated at all- i.e. you have to adjust to each of the tempering curve points yourself and can't leave it unattended. The pictures and explanation on the website aren't super clear either. I'd request more info from them and seek reviews from them as well as here to see how people actually using the machine feel about it. Let us know what you find!


Nat Bletter, PhD
Chocolate R&D
Madre Chocolate

Thanks Nat.  I really appreciate your help.




I've never used one, but in case you are interested, I did see a used one for sale on e-bay for $849. Click Here to go to the e-bay listing (current as of 11/16/2011 at 2:00 AM EST).




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