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Hope everyone had a great holiday season!

For those of you with shops...where are you getting good deals with "gift-y" items? Looking for more upscale-y item vs. chatchkes. Any great suggestions? Also looking for baskets/trays. Not like catering trays but cute trays to display chocolates on and then wrap in cellophane. 

On another note....also looking for packaging for large strawberries for Valentine's Day? Suggestions?


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Believe it or not, you can peruse the Dollar Store type places and come up with all types of ways to present chocolates: trays-plastic, paper, chrome, small/large mirrors or pretty pictures of flowers or nature scenes etc. mugs, toys, little boxes etc. - there's no end if you think creatively. I collect little teddy bears to include in a baby tray and small plastic baby items that can be hot-gun glued to trays to make them cute. Red plastic heart-shaped bowls and trays are probably out by now for Valentine's Day. There is no end to the choices and they are so-o-o inexpensive. Hope this helps.

Thanks Esther! That's pretty much what I have been doing up until now, but now that I have some retail space, I'd like to get my costs down even more, so that I have room to mark up at a more appropriate price.

For me, I have found great success at the pharmacy stores like CVS or RiteAid....picking up items that are significantly marked down or the dollar aisle at Target, but I want to step it up a little bit and sell some higher ticket items. 

Good luck with your endeavors!


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