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Hi all,

I have now been open a month and it has been fun, crazy, stressful, overwhelming, rewarding, and so much more. 

I am lucky enough to have a space to offer coffee/hot drinks for customers as they wait or if they want to sit down and enjoy their chocolate. This is not a full service cafe, just a lounging area with some tables and chairs. My original plan was to sell coffee by the pod, but the machine I purchased was a lemon and I cannot afford another one. This would have allowed me to offer a wide variety of coffees and teas...oh well. I am now switching to a Bunn Brewer with Airpots. One Regular, One Decaf, and One Hot Water for Tea and Chocolate. I may add a fourth one so I can do Hot Chocolate/Cider already made. 

That being said...I am trying to figure out the Hot Chocolate and how best to sell it. I would like to offer both Hot Chocolate to drink in or take out from the store, and Hot Chocolate Mix for sale in the retail area. I am having trouble deciding if they should be one and the same. For those of you selling in-house prepared Hot Chocolate AND retail Hot do you handle this?

Would love to hear both general and specific feedback from those of you selling hot drinks in your store. I'd love to do a distinct drinking chocolate but I don't think the labor would be paid off so I am thinking about going the Hot Cocoa route. 

Thanks in advance!


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well I personally dislike cocoa, to me, the incredible differnece between a rich heavy bodied mug of hot chocolate with a touch of cinnamon, perhaps a tad of chile arbol, real vanilla and yes , a little bit of corn starch to further thicken it versus some weak watery amalgamation of cheap cocoa powder, vanillin and milk powder is too much to bear.

if you like weak watery drinks then go for it but remember drinking chocolate was teh first usage of chocolate both in the new world and then in Spain and Europe, it predates eating choclate by hundreds of years (maybe).

make what you love, offer to others to eat what you would eat if you were going to eat it. If that made sense???


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