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I would like to know if you have an effective, practical and low-cost way to store your chocolates. Do you have a cold room?. What do you do to keep your products fresh?.

Suppose you make your confections today, and for whatever reason, you sold them until 2 months later. How do you keep your confections fresh and shiny?.

Thank you so much for sharing your experience with the rest of us!


PS. The title is in uppercase, because I think this is one of the most important issues that an apprentice chocolatier (like me) should know, and at this time, I don't know. Thank you!.

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well, I don´t think I would store anything that long, but I use an electric wine cave, at 18 degrees C. And since it doesn´t control humidity, in the lower section I put some calcium chloride, that absorbs humidity and it´s a cheap and efficient way to avoid problems with it. 

I store mine in a wine refrigerator at 60 F. I have the Whynter 28 bottle
that my brother cut acrylic trays for that slide into the 12 grooves. Each tray holds about 100 molded chocolates. So including the bottom level I can hold about 1300 finished pieces while taking up very little square footage. If you don't have a handy brother, most plastic fabricators can cut the acrylic for you.

looks great, for my wine cave, I used glass, but acrilyc looks like a better opcion, since 4 mm glass, and the chocolate on top of it.. is heavy.. and even dangerous.. 

the coloring in your picture.. I see a lot of high saturated color.. is it transfer sheets or do you color your cocoa butter?
coloring down here in argentina sucks :D

Thanks, the green and white ones on the far right are transfer sheets, the others are colored cocoa butter.  I use a combination of my own cocoa butter that I color, and the ones from Chef Rubber.

they look very nice! 
with the oil based coloring I use to color my own cocoa butter, I can´t get such a saturated color.. or I need a really thick layer to achieve that.. 
if you have any recommendation  I would really apreciate!! you can see my colored cocoa butter in my profile picture here!

Do you add titanium dioxide?  You need that in order to get the color opaque.  Otherwise it stays very translucent. I use about 5% by weight.

wow! you can´t imagine how much I´ve been trying to solve this, and never found a reference to titanium dioxide... (I´m a self enthusiast.. ) 
I wanted to do my own transfer sheets, I do serigraphy( excuse my english if I make any mistake) and it worked fine, but since you get a really thin layer, it was almost transparent.. I will check, test.. and let you know how it went !! 
Thank you very much!

so I gues white color is just cocoa butter with titanium dioxide?
if you ever need, 3d graphics, design, something for a website.. whatever I can do to help, count on me.. you don´t have an idea of how much time I´ve spent trying to figure this out

the local chemistry has it so I´m now going to buy some :D 
what about the health concerns? any at all?

No problem, glad to help.  No health concerns that I know of as long as it is pure grade.  It is a very common food additive in white colored foods.

Also, it can be a little tricky to get into solution.  Make sure cocoa butter is fairly warm, about 110F and add the titanium slowly through a sifter or very fine strainer so you dont get lumps.  wisk while over a warm double boiler for about ten minutes then strain through cheesecloth and you should end up with a fairly homogenous whitish yellow color.  From there just add oil coloring.  If you are going for a dark color, like a dark red  actually color plain cocoa butter the mix a small amount of the cocoa butter/titanium mixture, otherwise its hard to get past the pink stage with all of the white titanium in it.

thank you.. really, I already bought 1 kg of it, the best quality available here..
about health conerncs well I´ve been reading some stuff.. but it´s the usual naturist stuff.. 

do you have a website or facebook site?

I made a cool room in my double garage. I built the room on one half so my wife could use the other half for her car.  I have a good air conditioner in the cool room that keeps everything at about 17-18 degrees C even when it's 40C outside (I am in Sydney, Australia). I also have a max/min thermometer and humidity meter so I can see at a glance that all has been within my planned parameters.

I also have a dehumidifier but I only use that when I am working with the chocolate as it costs heaps to run (electricity prices are high and getting higher here).  I seal my chocolate in large plastic bags and then place them in trays which the humidity is low and when sealed that's fine until I need them for sale.


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