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The kitchen I will be using tends to be kept pretty cool, AC on high because they bake. I plan to turn it down when I'm working but my things will be stored while they are baking. There is a side room where ingredients are stored where I might be able to stack or store my bakery rack and a small walk in cooler. 

Once you have made a bunch of chocolates, before they get packaged and shipped/sold, how do you store them? I do not have the budget for a cooling cabinet. I'm interested in affordable solutions! 

Specific containers, containers with specific requirements, silica gel packets to control humidity? Especially because I will be storing them in a shared kitchen that by day makes bread and pretzels and then by night will be my chocolate playground. A wine cabinet? 

If taking chocolates to a farmer's market, what would be the best way to transport them (individual chocolates and wrapped chocolate bars)? I'm guessing a big Tupperware wouldn't be great because you probably only want to stack them so high...

Should boxes of chocolates be shrink wrapped for shipping? Would that help or hurt the chances of bloom?

Thank you!

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I've never had more than I can store inside of a couple of "5-day" coolers that stay in my "chocolate" pantry.  Being in Arizona, I don't have any humidity issues, and since I work out of my home kitchen, I control the temperature 24/7.


When I used to take truffles to farmer's markets, craft shows, etc. I could never find a Tupperware-type container I really liked.  They were always too tall, so no matter how neatly I packed everything in, they'd get tumbled around inside the container.  At this point, if I'm taking them somewhere to be displayed and served, I put them in 24-piece truffle boxes with trays that I can get locally.  These are just plain white paperboard boxes, nothing fancy, but they're the right size to hold them without letting them tip over and get scuffed. I also put them in those boxes if I don't box them up right away for sale, but lately I'm more in the habit of only making what I need to fill orders, with just a few extra for insurance, so storage hasn't been an issue.


I've never shrink-wrapped anything I've shipped, and I've never had any complaints, but then again no one else is going to be as picky about them as I am.

Can you please explain what you mean by "5-day" cooler? Are you putting ice packs in them or just using an insulated cooler for storage?

If you Google "5 day cooler" you'll pull up a bunch of results.  They have better insulation than regular coolers.  It's supposed to mean that if you fill it with ice, it will still have ice in it 5 days later, but I've never tested this.  I don't usually put ice packs in them, since I don't generally need to and I don't want to promote humidity. 

Thank you! This might work for me. 

I find scrapbooking carts to be a great storage/transport solution. Its basically a cart that has slot for 6 plastic scrapbook paper containers. The containers are large, flat, square and hold about 100 molded chocolates in a single layer. I actually have one for each flavor and when I go somewhere I just slide the flavors i want into the shelves in the cart and go. You can order them online or Michael's sells them for $75 and they always have a 40% off one item coupon online. Sometime 50 and 60% too) the extra containers a ten buck each, but they put them on sale for $4.99 all the time.

Do you do anything to keep the drawers from sliding open in transit? Or just turn it to face the side of the car? They seem like the right size, thanks!

Yeah, I don't let my husband drive! Seriously though, I've never had an issue but you could probably put a big bungee around them

I use clear plastic shoebox size storage containers...they stack well + usually help me to stay organized. 


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