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For those of you with any of you make or serve ice cream? If so, year round or just in the warmer months? How do you make the transition if its not a full time endeavor? I am thinking about offering 2-4 flavors a day and offering it in closed containers only, single servings and pints. I am not set up to offer full service ice cream but thought this could be good as the weather gets warmer(I know...hard to imagine right now) and chocolate sales slow down.

Would love to hear your thoughts.



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I make and sell ice cream year round ( in the middle of Rocky Mtns ) What I can tell from experience is that when outside temperatures reach 90*+ sale of ice cream slows down and adversely when temps drop below 60* there is an increase in sales. Peak sales are when temps are 78-90*. Depending on location and climate will have a major control over the hours that you would be able to sell it, evening hours require seating and scoop sales. It has been a valuable addition to my business. Best of luck to you in it.


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