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Hi all,

Today was my first day in my shop kitchen and everything went well with my JKV 60(purchased used and was a bit nervous) but I have two questions for any users of this machine or a similar one:

1) At the end of the you do a full clean down(emptying the machine)? Do you take the wheel off and clean every evening or just scrape it down? I also had a bit of trouble getting the mold spout clean. Obviously I could have just put it under the faucet and washed it but I would have experienced a lot of chocolate waste. It did seem to get quite a bit of buildup behind the wheel as well. Does anyone have a cover that goes over the whole machine...not just the chocolate basin? Any tips/suggestions for dealing with this machine would be appreciated.

It did a great job and I went through about 25lbs of chocolate with no issues. Was a great step up from the 9 months of hand tempering I have been doing(props to those who have been hand tempering for years) and the short period of time I had with my ACMC machine(its now in my 2nd kitchen.)

2) I notice that when I set the temperature of the machine with the red "hand", the actual temperature with the black "hand" seems to be several degrees higher. I monitored it with my own thermometer but was wondering if this was a common aspect of the machine that I need to adjust for or if I should look into replacing the thermometer. 

Thanks in advance!

All the best,


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Hi Jody,

I would say don't wash the machine down everyday  - just scrape the wheel clean as best as you can at the end of the day and put the cover over the tank.

Clean the machine properly maybe once a month, or when you change over chocolates.

re. the second question I have not worked with this particular machine - sorry I can't help.




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