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I'm interested to hear what people did for kitchen space when starting out. I can't use my home kitchen as it doesn't meet the requirements here in PA.

I'm considering renting space/time at a certified commercial kitchen at a church (or other similar location). For those that have gone this route, what did you do about the equipment that is specific to making chocolates, like a tempering machine, that kitchens such as at a church don't typically have? Did/do you leave your equipment at the kitchen or transport what you need to and from?

For those that started with their own commercial kitchen, did you do so in an industrial/office space or retail?

Thanks for any insight!

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We rented the kitchen under the local Vet's Hall for a year. Considering how huge and cavernous it was, we had the tiniest storage space in the back. But it worked.
Thanks for replying Eve. If you don't mind a follow up, did you accept deliveries at the hall?
We're just evolving out of this stage. Renting kitchens gets tiresome.

The equipment is usually NSF above your home stuff but it's just fancy home equipment. You can usually manage and depending on what scale you are a tempering machine may or may not be something you are ready for. Toting small scale ones in and out wouldn't be too bad. What really is getting to us is storage. Most rental kitchens are built for temporary usage, not storage. Of course if they had shock coolers and what not maybe we wouldn't need so much storage.. chicken..egg..

We've had deliveries near everywhere. Heck we even go to other peoples drop offs and just meet the driver for pickups. If you have a friendly rep they usually work with you.

Our current idea is to find some low overhead office/ind. space toss in a large storage fridge, a few intermediary low boy fridges, a couple induction cooktops and work surfaces and just call it a day. We'll let you know how it goes. ;-)
Thanks for sharing your experience Andy.

My scale right now is below small. I'm just experimenting and making stuff that I give to family and friends. I don't need to have a tempering machine right now but think it would be helpful. Obviously, it would be great to start with my own space but I'm not enamored with the idea of signing at multi-year lease at this point.

Please do let us know how your space hunt goes.


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