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I am making chocolate and truffles in Guatemala for about a year now and it's going great,

so i decided that i want to scale up a step.

So far i used the Cocoatown ECGC 12SL and its already showing some wear and tear (normal i guess).

I was looking at the Spectra's 40, 65, 100 and at the chocovison tempering machines.

The problem i have is that most companies won't extend their warranties to here and it's costly to ship replacement parts.

I would rather spent a little more on a machine that doesn't break so easy.

Does anyone have any advise or experience with these machines or similar ones.

Thanks in advance


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I hope you can get some feedback on those other machines, but thought I would share a different strategy with you. :-)

About a year ago I bought a Premier Wonder Grinder from Amazon. Cost was about $200. Honestly, I spent the first six months abusing the heck out of it, because I had no way to get cocoa butter, so it was turning some pretty thick sludge. I've only made 20 odd batches of chocolate with it, but it does have a lot of miles.

So rather than spend $500+ for a Spectra whatever, my plan is to keep buying more of these smaller machines (Premier makes a 2L tilting grinder for $220 on Amazon). If one of them breaks down, no big deal, I have extras and can just send the broken one to the shop or order a part. Also, with the smaller machines, I can keep using 110V and the 95W motor is not adding much to the overpriced electric bills we have in Central America. Electricity here costs about 80% more than in the USA,  per KWh.

Hey Mark

hmm sounds good, i always thought usual grinders will overheat or break when you use them 2-3 days without break... i like the "many small vs one big thought"

I saw your reply about a screw press for cocoa butter, i can't get cocoa butter here either, i get it shipped from Ecuador. You said you found one for $230 on Alibaba.

Do you mind sharing where you got it?



Good morning again,

This is the press I bought:

If you end up getting it, let me know and I can give you some operating tips that will save you time. Also, let the heating element warm up the drive shaft for a good 10 minutes and your output will be much more pure. I found that out on my last run. I tend to grind out enough for 3-4 batches of chocolate at once so that I don't have to run and clean the machine that often.

If I were going for higher output than 1-2kg/hour, I would look at this one:


I've been running several Chocovision Rev Deltas almost non-stop for the past three years and have had relatively few maintenance problems. Occasionally, you have to tighten the drive chain (which their support staff can tell you how to do over the phone). You will need to replace the plastic scrapers now and again. They actually last a long time unless you manage to fold/pinch them while tightening the baffle. All in all, I have found them to be pretty durable workhorses. You need to have a climate-controlled workspace for them to produce well-tempered chocolate, but that is a situation common to any machine you'd use. I have on one occasion received a "lemon" machine from them (I usually buy the refurnished ones), that wouldn't stop squealing, and they did exchange it for me. Their technical support staff was at one time exceptional. It has become less knowledgeable/friendly/helpful over the years, but still provides adequate service.

All the best,


Hi Dale,

Yeah it sounds like the best option, i have been thinking to get one with a screw pump but that might be a better option for later.

Thanks alot



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