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I have a product that i need small healthy dark chocolates to package it with . If anyone had any ideas plese let me know. 

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What type of product are you promoting? What city/state do you live in? I might be interested in providing you with dark chocolates.

I live in new york city . I am promoting a chocolate meditaion.

Hello Esther,

I live in NYC. I am looking for dark chocolate drops in differnt flavors.I am in the health field so it need to be 70 percent. Where are you located? PLease have a look at my

I would like to talk to you about making my chocolate?

Hi Beth. I use Callebut 59% non-dairy dark chocolate. I produce both hand-dipped and molded chocolates. If what you call a chocolate drop is a confection coated with a shell, I am not able to do that at this time. If is similar to a Hershey's Kiss, we could talk. You mentioned that you are promoting a chocolate "meditaion." What is that? By the way, I think laughter is the best medicine, and there is nothing like a baby's laughter!

Hello Esther,

Yes I am looking for somethng similiar to hershey kiss. it needs to fit on the roof of your mouth sort of similiar to dove pieces.

So happy to hear you love laughter . Have you looked at my site?


Yes, I went to your website, but I couldn't open the baby laughing video. Please tell me more about your product and exactly what you are looking for in chocolates - quantity, how often, foil wrapped or not, Hershey Kiss shape or a little disc?

Does anyone know about Xacai the healthy chocolate company?


Xocai is an MLM (multi-level marketing) company. The product itself is not that good (i.e., not very tasty) and it is comparatively very expensive.

There are a number of local (NY) suppliers in the "good for you" chocolate space. All you have to do is walk into places like Organic Planet and you will see many of them.

Importantly, what size product are you looking to serve, and do you have an estimate of the cost per unit you're looking for?

Companies like Gnosis not only have bars they also have bonbons and a variety of flavors to cater to different use cases. NibMor makes a "Dose a Day" small bar. Private-labeling these may difficult for you if you can't commit to minimum purchase quantities.

The more specific you can be about what you want to serve, the easier it is to find a match.

Hello Clay ,

Thanks so much for your help, I think i want to make a sample first. Exploring ideas like meeting someone to go into bussiness together? or maybe speak to someone like Gnosis. 


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