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I'm working on a chocolate 5k in San Francisco and looking for a chocolate-related charity.  Does anyone have any advice or know someone I should contact?

A friend & I are building a 5k training program for aspirational runners who love chocolate and like the idea of running or walking a 5k. We are currently building, which is not yet 100% complete, but will be ready by early Feb as we partner with a local 5k company called Picnic Dash.

Our goal with the app is to help people train while using chocolates as rewards. We'll allow people to track and share their favorite chocolates as they train for the 5k and training will start in early Feb as they prepare for the March 31st Chocolate Dash 5k in San Francisco.

For the chocolate-themed training and for the event, we're looking for a chocolatier to promote as well as a chocolate-related charity to sponsor (all Picnic Dash 5ks donate at least 50% of the proceeds to a charity).

Please let me know if you have any advice or know anyone I should talk to.  And, feel free to let me know if you'd like to beta test the app!



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hi Julie, 

I'm working with an NGO called "Global Student Embassy" Based in N. California that does garden education and reforestation work with students in Ca, NY,  Nicaragua and Ecuador specifically working with the locals to reforest the native forests for the purpose of growing more chocolate and helping the local communities produce more of their own food through gardens and education. They also bring chocolate back from the areas they work and are developing a chocolate product to sell to support their efforts. I'm sure they would love to receive more support for their great work.


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