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As mentioned in a previous posting...I am opening a store in the next month or so. I have purchased one used "large" machine(JKV 30) and need to purchase at least one additional machine. I will be operating 2 kitchens, 1 dairy, and 1 dairy free. I was thinking I should have at least one larger machine in each, and one smaller in each to start. I think I could get by with just one machine in each kitchen as well. 

My you prefer to have all the same machines in your shops or do you find that you have different brands/models and it makes no difference. My start up funds are of course limited, and I want to be thoughtful about the machinery I am purchasing. 

Thoughts/ Suggestions are appreciated.



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Hi Jody, have you ever thought about a contnous tempering machine?

I mean, melt into the bowl, temper into the auger. It will save a lot of time. No need to waste time in re-heating.

These machines do have vibrating table, electronical dosing device, night cycle, removable auger, continous tempering process.

They can go from 4 kg bowl up to 60 kg.

Quite all can also enrobe (do you use pralines cut with guitar machine?).

Great range of sizes and accessories for different works!

You must only realize which is the most suitable for your requirements.


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