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I'm looking for a specific mold company "Whale" molds.  They have a 35mm-38mm oval wafer magnetic mold for transfers.  The mold is about 5mm thick.  I can not find any distributor or supplier of this mold company.  Does anyone have a suggestion.  Custom magnetic molds are very expensive to have made and this oval mold will work great for me.

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The mould is from Cabrellon but Tomirc carries the Chocolate World version that is simialrly sized.



Thanks Brian for the information.  Yesterday I talked with Erin at Tomric and the only mold they carry that is a magnetic oval is 14mm thick.  I emailed Cabrellon to see it they have any distributors in the US.  I have several friends who live in Italy and may have to go that route and have them pick it up and ship it to me. 




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