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Hello there!

I want to make my own transfer sheets. I have acetate sheets, cocoa butter and some good quality colour powders. Do I need to temper the cocoa butter so that it does not bloom? If so which temperatures do I follow - those for white, milk or dark?

I have looked through numerous videos and this question in not answered. Mostly the cocoa butter is heated (I do not know to what temperature) and painted on in various techniques. Is this bloom proof?

Many thanks


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Hi there!

The best way to go is to temper the cocoa butter. I would follow white chocolate temperature, since they both can burn easily. If it's tempered the right way, it shouldn't bloom. try one as a test and wait until the next day just to make sure the tempering was right.

Let me know how it goes!


Hi Michelle

Thanks so much for replying and advising. I used cocoa butter, coloured it and tried various patterns. There was no bloom, the patterns were pretty but I found that the patterns easily came off the transfer sheet during the application of tempered chocolate or even when just moving the acetate sheets. How do I prevent this? Also it seems that a very thin layer of cocoa butter must be used but it looks so pale that I feel the need to use more.

Have you used stencils to get a set pattern? The free-hand patterns are nice but are not every body's cup of tea and they can be quite irregular.

Have a great day!





yes, The transfers are easily to come off, I think it takes time to master that. sometimes I add more chocolate at once and when I spread it I try no to spread it extra thin. sometimes helps, sometimes I make a mess.

I have never use stencil, but I think it's a good idea, also you can customize it and make it all yours! I was found a printer and uses cocoa butter and prints the acetate, but it's kind of expensive and out of my reach right now 

What company makes a printer for cocoa butter?


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