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My friends and I invented a product that cheaply automates tempering! Feedback needed....

Hey everyone, 

A few of my engineer friends and I have developed and repurposed a sous-vide cooking tool that actually works really well to help automate the tempering process for chocolate. 

We only have a couple left in stock of our first run and the site can be found at 

We have set it up to where you can actually set certain temperature checkpoints using your smart phone or computer for your chocolate to rise and fall to by controlling your heating element. Very high tech :) 

If you decide to buy add the promo code CHOCO to get $20 off and we would appreciate some feedback from you! 

Thanks again! 

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A little video to demonstrate your invention would be great. I am in South America and I guess any cheap tool that could help local chocolatier to better control their temper would very much interest them.



Hey Oliver, 

Unfortunately right now we are are just launching and dont have a whole lot for videos/images. More to come. 

Our first round is selling fairly quickly which is exciting! 

I will post updates here as they come. 

Thanks for your interest, 


So this controls the temperature, but does not temper, correct?

It the sensor will turn your hot plate or heating device that warms your chocolate instantaneously based on the different temperatures you want to hit.

Basically, we've made it so you can type in 3 temperature goals for the chocolate, say 110 degrees, 83 degrees, then 89 degrees and SousSet will regulate your heat source automatically based on the actual chocolate temperature. 

You still have to stir! 

I hope that helps!


So this sounds like a chocolate melter, not a temperer specifically.

Surely if you have to stir, and it will raise and lower temperature very slowly, it is not automatic. You have to stir continuously otherwise you have uneven crystallisation so this is just a melter.

Sorry for the confusion on the exact terms there. I guess this would technically be a "melter" based on that definition! 


We have sold out of our first run of units! Our team is going to make some improvements to the device and should be back in production over the next couple months. 

Thanks for the interest, more to come!


Could this be used with a commercial food warmer?  The kind that holds water and stainless containers on top of that?  Karen


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