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So for the past couple of weeks I've been running through a list of names for my business. I feel like I may be a little late in the game because every single name that I've come up with, someone has already taken it, or there's a website for it already. LOL. I've pretty much come to a dead end and with no hope. To me, what attracts consumers is a very nifty and creative name. Something simple and easy to remember which reflects upon the shop's contents.


In my case, I'm primarily going to be doing petit fours and truffles. I would love to play on the word "chocolate" but it's not just chocolates. So here I am, fellow chocolate lovers!! I would love to have your aid in helping me with a cool shop name. Here's a list of the names that I've crossed out so far....


Sinfully Sweet

Sweet Escape

Heavenly Sweet

Edible Desires



Sweet Dreams

Petit Sweets

Le Petit Sweets

Heart of Chocolat




Piece of Chocolate

... and maybe a couple more that I can't remember ...



I'll definitely repay the winning name a nice box of chocolates!!!

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I've gone through what you are doing and have also learned the hard way. My recommendation, find a couple of names you like then talk to a trademark lawyer or search the trade mark database through your local government. Then you won't tread on anyone else who may have claim to the name and then sue you for infringement ( the hard way ) you also won't have wasted a dime on a name you can't use. Then get the domain name and take it from there. It will save you time and money doing the homework first and making it "yours".


Hope that help.






yep! I actually plan on doing that after Valentine's Day. Since I live in Texas, I'll be speaking to the Texas Secretary of State for the list of trademark names available. I was also wondering if I should make an LLC in Texas or file for a form in a different state.  lol. I just want a unique name that doesn't come up multiple results when I google, haha. Thanks for the advice. Greatly appreciate it!


I went to the USPTO and searched their database but it seems like it's a little outdated.

I recommend that you do check the USPTO database, it is clearly an outdated interface, but the information is current.  A state trademark won't mean much if someone has one with the USPTO (at least this is what a lawyer told me).  I have several friends that used a state one but had to change their name because someone had the US one.  Hope this helps.  Trademarks can be a real challenge and pain, but make sure you do the full search.
@mark really? I didn't think anyone had to change their names. this gives me hope. so registering for a US llc, I could umbrella my business(es) under one?

You really should check with a lawyer that understands Trademarks.  The latest friend that had to change a business name was ready to open a restaurant in DE  and got a letter from one in CA that had trademarked the name.  So you need to check into what is best for your situation.   There are a lot of companies that do it for a somewhat reasonable fee.  I think might be one of them.


Have you made a decision on naming your business? i remember trying to name my business and feeling tormented.

I reviewed the names you short-listed and they sound similar to some local Toronto businesses (Sinsational Sweets, Heavenly Sweets) so - yes - you might have trademark issues here.

Had you thought of going in a different direction? Here are some chocolate company names that - to me - seem successful.

Cocomira: loosely translates as 'chocolate world'  ('mira' is  Russian for 'world'). Because the name was made up,  the URL was available. It's short and easy to understand on the phone.

Saxon Chocolate: easy to remember, easy to understand on the phone. (I think the owner is from Saxony)

Cocoa Room: great name. Short, easy to remember.

Tazo: great name, easy to understand, easy to get a URL (I'm guessing here)

Hotel chocolat: great name

Let us know the name you choose and good luck.

I have not yet. I'm going through a trademark firm at the moment to check against all possible names that I can use.


I like the name Cocomira and I've done a USPTO search and it seems to be available. However, there is this Cocomira Confections being used in Toronto, Canada and it might conflict with the name.  Having a good and catchy business name is hard!!! lol. I'll definitely post back and let you guys on in my progress!! *crosses fingers*

Saxon is in use in Canada - which may or may not be an issue as has been pointed out.

Hotel Chocolat is in use in the UK and US.

Tazo is the name of a tea company and would be too close to Taza, which is in use in the US for a chocolate company.


I would recommend you to think beyond the borders (of thinking).  Let me give you some hints regarding the way I would look into this if I'm to find a new name:

- Chocolate is coming from eternity and hopefully will go to eternity

- What is the history of the town/state you live in?

- What is alluring local people? as a taste, as a shape, novel writer,  etc..

- What would you be paired off with (commodity, car, mountain, animal etc.) by somebody that know you well?

- Think of colours, smells, styles you like..


I have established my brand last year (but couldn't be able to startup yet) but struggled too much to find a name for almost a year until I found the brand "Khalkedon" .. Khalkedon is the name of a village at ancient times in Istanbul before the Byzantine empire settled in the European side of Istanbul. It came to my mind while I thought where I was born, what is the history, what is the symbols of the town that I lived etc..

Hope these helps.. All the best and wish you every success in your business..

How about Cococraft?


I work with small businesses (have for 25 yrs - business forms & promotions) and most of them name their business based on the area they live in.   In fact, the majority.   You can analyze places, things are close to you, and then add the identification word - chocolates, sweets, etc.   Also, think of the art that goes with the name. It needs to be very simple to keep down printing cost.  (more ink colors - more cost)  I decided to use a fancy font for my company name, and then a design that is easy to print (complicated designs lose detail if printed in foil ink).  I have 2 colors of ink in my design, but at times, I use only one color to same money on imprinted bags, etc.  It still looks good.   So keep it simple.  It will save you thousands over the lifetime of a business.

Thanks guys for the replies!!


All is going well at the moment. I'm working with Direct Incorporation to help me find a suitable name for my venture. It's pretty cool. They're giving me a website and logo design with my trademark name. I still haven't come up with a nifty name yet but as soon as I get one down I'll let you guys know! I never knew a name is soo important ^_^


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