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So for the past couple of weeks I've been running through a list of names for my business. I feel like I may be a little late in the game because every single name that I've come up with, someone has already taken it, or there's a website for it already. LOL. I've pretty much come to a dead end and with no hope. To me, what attracts consumers is a very nifty and creative name. Something simple and easy to remember which reflects upon the shop's contents.


In my case, I'm primarily going to be doing petit fours and truffles. I would love to play on the word "chocolate" but it's not just chocolates. So here I am, fellow chocolate lovers!! I would love to have your aid in helping me with a cool shop name. Here's a list of the names that I've crossed out so far....


Sinfully Sweet

Sweet Escape

Heavenly Sweet

Edible Desires



Sweet Dreams

Petit Sweets

Le Petit Sweets

Heart of Chocolat




Piece of Chocolate

... and maybe a couple more that I can't remember ...



I'll definitely repay the winning name a nice box of chocolates!!!

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Our company (a div of Deluxe Checks) will design a free logo if you order imprinted full color Rack Cards, Brochures, etc.  We do over a billion $ in business.   If you are needing checks - most people use Quicken or Quickbooks, then can assist with ordering those at a great price (discount to chocolate folks).  Just send me a private email & I can mail you a sample with prices.   Will also mail you a sample double window envelope to match the check & a sample Hologram Check (a hologram patterned security check with silver foil thumbnail security tab - not easy to duplicate). 

Hi there... With the trend toward Local, keeping things at home, the downturn in the economy, a why don't you use your name and the name of the city you live in your business? 


"Ngu" Cacao Bites... & more (could be a tag)

Edible Cacao by .....


Just a thought.. it helps people identify with the product, the owner and the brand.. :)


Just keep it simple so when you are easy to remember.  Pretend you are answering the phone, say the name over & over.  What is easy for your customers to remember.   What will make them remember you?     Le Petit Sweets is very upscale sounding.  It covers both petit fours & chocolates.   It could be written in caligraphic font with a simple caligraphic design.  Go with your heart.   What is comfortable and appealing to you....  


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