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I am at the stage where I may be selling my first chocolates this holiday season, and needed advice about the following:

1. sources & recommendations for bar foils or tissues, + best methods for wrapping by hand.

2. sources & reccs for outer bar wrappers, and basic 4 or 6 pc truffles boxes.

3. USDA labelling standards, and printing ideas.   (Can I print outer wrappers on a home laserprinter?? Probably not)

4. Practical issues you've encountered spot gluing or other steps in process.

Just getting started, so thanks in advance.  Clay has already addressed some labeling specs in an earlier post elsewhere, but I didn't want food inspectors throwing out my product for poor labeling/packaging.

Thanks in advance, everyone.

Bob Erdman 

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Hi Bob,

I've struggled with the same issues...Nashville Wraps has an assortment of options and you can order small quantities; Nashville also states where the country of origin and if the item is FDA certified...Paper Mart has some attractive boxes that are FDA certified though they don't disclose the country of origin (if that matters to you). 

Kim Darling.

Thanks Kim.   Paul Mosca in NC came up with a couple vendors, including Nashville wraps.    Uline may also be a good source.  

  Has anyone had good/bad experiences with printers?


Labeling will be different dependent on your state. You should be able to use a home printed mock up during your first inspection and they can tell you of any problems before printing a lot. For printing small or large quantities, is a great source. Box and Wrap and Glurep Revere are also great for your packaging needs. Good luck!


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