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Dear Friends. I'm about to establish a small place for production of chocolates. I need to find the right information regarding how the certain equipments should be placed in an area that is approx 270 square feet. I know it totally depends but I need to find out at least how effectively I could place the basic equipment before I make any architectural changes in the room. A sample plan of the room would definitely be very helpful.

Kind regards

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Doesn't this all depend on the existing layout and what you are making and how much you are making? 

Hi Kaydee, thnx a lot for your interest to reply. That's true but I meant I cannot produce more than 30-40 kgs per day perhaps in such a small room. Therefore my machinery would be a middle sized tempering machine accompanied with some extra equipment only.


Hi Alex, do you already know about the dimesnion of the tempering machine?

Can I advise? Have you already thought it has to be a continuous tempering machine?

Buonanotte Giuseppe

I think the main body is 60cm wide and with the other additions for enrobing etc it may be around 2 meters. Also, need some refrigerators, oven, roaster, mixer etc.


Alex, I am referring to bowl capacity and/or hour production.

I guess you need to enrobe?

What else? Do you want also to ....? With chocolate, of course

Hi Giuseppe,

Do you know if FBM will be one of the exhibitors at the Food and Hotel Asia 2014 trade show in Singapore next week? 

I am looking at all my equipment requirements and am hoping to be able to see some of the equipment before I buy.



Hi Anjali ,

I will be personally be present at the show, our stand will be in Hall 3 booth n. 3E1-04.

It will be my pleasure to host you and show our machines.


Hi Giuseppe

Which one do you think the best tempering machine is in Italy for the boutique style of chocolate production ? I do not have any info regarding FBM, but we have a distributor here in Istanbul for Selmi, which it looks very professional. Any idea/recommendation?

Hi Alex,

huhhh....strange question to do to a competitor!

FBM has been manufacturing machines since 1977. There are a lot of differences in the design/idea about the machines.

Maybe boring details for a non-technical person. But to sum up: we are more focused on the good tempering process while some competitors prefer to focus on the marketing and exterior looking of the machines.

Then, to start a new lab is not necessary to have such a big machine. Nowadays it does make a lot more sense to have small machine with few accessories: bet more on variaty than high production.

So I think a 7 kg bowl capacity with the chance to be upgrade with an enrober later, it would be a good choice.

But all of these depending on what YOU really need to do. Not ME what I can suggest!

So, as Mr Gordon highlights, I need some details about your real requirements.


Would like to have more info on fbm 5.5 . Thanks

Hi Raj,

need some details more! What are you planning to produce?

5.5 are you reffering to bowl capacity?

We produce (bowl capacity) 4, 7, 12, 12+15, 25, 45, 60 kg tempering machines.

All (except the table top) can have an enrober.

What do you do now? Manually? Which is your main production?


Hi Alex,

I am in a similar situation. I am looking to rent a small space - appx 300square feet, which will be my production workshop cum retail space. I will be planning my layout soon, and will share it with you. What kind of products do you plan to produce, and how many of you will be working? How will you package and store your production? 



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