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Dear Friends. I'm about to establish a small place for production of chocolates. I need to find the right information regarding how the certain equipments should be placed in an area that is approx 270 square feet. I know it totally depends but I need to find out at least how effectively I could place the basic equipment before I make any architectural changes in the room. A sample plan of the room would definitely be very helpful.

Kind regards

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Hi Anjali

Great! Very glad to hear that you're starting to produce. Actually for the moment only me and an assistant. I thought only 10-15 different kind of chocolates would be enough for the initial stage. As for the storage, there is a separate 50 sqft small room for a small refrigerator to be placed. The packaging will be in the boxes that I buy from KeyLink or a local vendor. No machinery for packaging (maybe when I extend the business).



There is no way to provide you with a plan for the room as we don't know what the shape of the room is! Is it square? A rectangle? Are there any columns or other features? What kind of air-conditioning is there - and where are the vents?

Where are the doors? Windows? Where are the electrical outlets? Where is the plumbing (you must have sinks)? All of these things will affect the plan of the room before you even start to think about the equipment you will need.

We also don't know how much production you want to do. You mention 15 different kinds .. of what? 10kg a week? 100kg per week? How many different kinds of chocolate will you be using and need to temper?

270sq ft (about 27sq m) is not a whole lot of space. I do know of smaller workshops, but it requires a lot of planning and being very disciplined in your work.

Hi Clay

Many thanks for your reply. I apologize that I asked for an equation with many unknowns :(  You are totally right.  I m planning to make a production of 40kgs per week to temper (initially, and then grow to 100kgs per week in a year or so) consists of 15 different filled chocolates and truffle. I can send you the shape of the room if it helps. But I have the possibility to decide where to place the electrical outlets, the plumbing /sinks etc.

For sure, also need to find out what equipment I need basically. For example what are the most efficient semi professional tempering machines I could use, ChocolateWorld, Selmi, FBM?

Many thanks


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