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Hi everybody my name is Emilio, new at this site and eager to learn all I can about chocolate. I was born and the Dominican Republic,specifically from the area of " Loma Quita Espuela" san francisco de macoris ,which is ground zero for Cacao production. My family is been in the business of  exporting cacao  for as long as I can remember , although I never saw the business side of it  until now. The entrepreneur in me wants to take  advantage of the fact that I have access to the raw product free of charge and  get in the businees of chocolate  making. I dont even know how to start and would like some feedback about it.

Does the fact that I have access to the cacao beans for free gives a competitive advantage over other people.? 

How would I start such a business. I'm just ponderin the idea and any input would be greatly appreciated.

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My wife is from a campo near SFM called Jaya.  I am in the process of starting a small chocolate making company using cacao from the area.  Feel free to contact me.

Really!! nice :) I used to go around that area. I'm currently in new york Manhattan. My Father farm is about 300 " tareas"  located in a campo called " los espinos". I would like to help him maximize its profits and find new venues to sell his cacao.

We live in Ridegfield, NJ and have lots of family in the Heights.  I know where Los Espinos is.  Feel free to email me and I will let you know what we are up to.

Hi Emilio,

Sounds like you have a good head start. Send me a message if you want to swap e-mails: I'll help if I can.


Red Star Chocolate

Hi Duff. you can e mail me at :)


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