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Hi Everyone!  I was hoping that someone could help me find a distributor that carries organic chocolate.  I am in Chicago and although I have found a few manufacturers of organic chocolate I can't find anyone that carries it.  I'd really appreciate your help.




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I'm not sure what sort of chocolate you're looking for (retail bars, wafers for coverture, cocoa, baking chips, etc.), but a source I've had good luck with (and which has a variety of organic and fair trade certified items) is:

Sweet Earth Chocolates

Phone: (805) 544-7759


Fax (805) 544-7756

Address: 1491 Monterey St.

San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

They are nice folks to deal with, will sell in almost any quantity, and work to get the shipping costs as low as possible. The wholesale price of the chocolate is higher than some other providers, but in the ballpark.

Another good source is:

Ciranda, Inc
Work: (715) 386-1737
Fax: (715) 386-3277

They have organic and fair trade bulk chocolate (wafers, nibs, cocoa). Prices are good, but you generally have to purchase it in fairly large volumes.

Hope that this helps,


Dale Anderson

Confections With Convictions, LLC

116 W. Crosstown Pkwy., Ste. 101

Kalamazoo, MI 49001

(269) 381-9700

Hi Dale,

Thanks so much for your help. I am looking to buy bulk organic chocolate to create my own line of chocolates.  These places look great. I will contact them first thing.



Depending on what type of chcolate your looking ofr. Bloomer has line of Organic chocolate. They have a store in chocago.
Thank you so much for your help. I wasn't even aware that they had an organic line. I will call them today!

Hi Anne, in Ecuador we produce cocoa beans and cocoa liquor for couverture and high quality chocolates, if you wish, we can help you with the product you need, send me to the specifications, quantities and all the details to send you an offer, which I will be happy to help.




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