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Things that are probably easy to do in Europe or the United States are a bit more difficult in a third world country.  I am looking for the best option for packaging chocolate bars and chocolate pieces.  I am looking for foil wrapping papers here in Costa Rica that are affordable and a printing company to print the labels.  There are plenty of printing companies around here so that part won't be a problem.  I did see a YouTube video that in which a woman showed a clear, plastic sleeve with a gummed end that she put her chocolates into.  That looked like the easiest way to seal the chocolate bars.  (She was repackaging Hershey's Bars for a child's party.  I am not doing that!)  I am guessing those sleeves may be available in hobby shops in the states.  If anyone knows about this product, could you let me know and I may be able to get someone to bring them to me.   I am also interested in knowing, from others who do hand packaging, what options they have found that work.  Thanks for reading.  Sharron

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