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Hi all,

About 1-2 weeks away from my store opening-very excited but down to the wire. Hoping to keep it together:) I have my preliminary Health Department approval and my local township approval. Only waiting on my Kosher certification....So, I have a few random questions:

1) I am finalizing my packaging and the style that I really like does not come in 2lb boxes. Would love to hear feedback on the regularity of sales of a 2lb box of candy from your retail shops.

2) Does anyone use tissue paper instead of pads inside your boxes...results? thoughts?

3) I am planning on running my case at 64 degrees and humidity at

4) I am planning on giving myself 2-3 days of lead time from final kitchen approvals to soft

5) Looking for Kosher certified Fudge and Toffee Squares to make my Almond Buttercrunch...suggestions?

6) Any last minute tips/suggestions?? 

Thanks in advance!


PS Suggestion for any other new members like myself...I have been going through the old forums and discussions on the site(going back a few years) and have found a LOT of great suggestions/tips. I know that time is tight for us-but it was well worth it!

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Hi Jody.

I too am about 3 weeks away from open a shop.  I do not have all the answers, but I can tell you for the past 4yrs I have not sold the amount of 1lb boxes I initially thought I would.  My opinion is that depending on the price point of your products this may influence the purchase.  Also, I sell the most 1lb boxes at Christmas and Valentine's Day.  I just don't offer anything larger.

I use pads and trays in my boxes however, my co-workspace partner uses the tissue and likes it.  The biggest box that she packs is a ten pc. 

Those are the few things I feel I can offer opinions on.  If you can't make your own Fudge and Toffee Squares you may want to partner with another small business that does these items...unfortunately I don't have any suggestions here.

Much success to you on your new adventure!



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