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Trying to figure out how best to incorporate ingredients into my packaging. I offer so many different varieties of items that to order large amounts of labels for each of them seems crazy. Some of my wholesale clients order 2 of 15 different items verses 15 of 1 item.  Right now I am mostly working with small gourmet markets in my region who would love to have ingredients included. Would love to hear how others who are in a retail/wholesale/corporate situation handle the different labels for each of their types of packaging. Also, are any of you using a particular program to help organize the ingredients(i.e. with an M &M chocolate Pretzel where I have to list the ingredients of the M &Ms, Pretzels, and the can add up)



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I do  a lot of different items too and run into the same thing. Right now I juts print everything my self from a regular printer on label. I cut and paste a lot of it to avoid having to retype  everything. If you come up with good solutions I'd be interested!


The FDA has very strict requirements for labeling, you can see it here

For one, you are required to put ALL ingredients on your label, along with some basic information such as company name, product name, city it's made in.  The only thing you won't need to do is a nutrition facts label if your sales are under something around $500,000.year, you do however still have to inform them that you won't be putting this info on your label.

Unfortunately part of having a large line of products, is having a ton of labels.  You can print them as needed yourself on label stock or if your sales justify it you can buy a decent label printer, however even these don't stack up against custom printed labels. I use Richmark Label in Seattle at a decent price.

Hi Jody,

We do all our own printing as well, it takes time to set up, but once it is set it's pretty easy. We use Avery labels and they have all the templates you need on their website. You can save them there as well so you don't have to worry about saving them on your computer. Good luck

You can also ask your agriculture dept what they want to see on a multi-line breakdown. If they are friendly they'll show you where the wiggle room is.  My memory is hazing a bit on the topic but I recall that our inspector/advisor said that if it were herbal, put herbal (ie: basil, lavender ...) or spice ( ie: cardamon, nutmeg ...).  Until you start placing things and needing UPC codes for the boxes which also entail the exact product and its contents you might have room, but check your local jurisdictions to find a way through it all. Hopefully you have some helpful people in your area and not ones that everyone seems to garner animosity for.


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